Patient Perspective Consulting

” An amazing presenter……. absolutely the best message  … Thanks  for inspiring all of us to remember the patient behind the sale.”

Doug Bohrer, Vice President, ConvaTec

 Delivering  Patient-Centered Care Begins with Honoring the Patient Voice

Rarely do those in the healthcare industry reflect upon a crucial aspect of patient care; the reality behind what it feels like to lie in a hospital bed, vulnerable, disoriented, and stripped of every basic human dignity. I have spent over 200 consecutive days as a patient in hospitals and more than three decades in and out of doctor’s offices and testing facilities. As a prolific healthcare consumer, I offer a unique glimpse into the patient experience. My presentations and consultations offer an honest and interactive style that lend insight into a system often saturated in statistics and bottom lines. As healthcare becomes increasingly digital, my personal patient perspective reminds professionals that behind every number, there is a person.

An estimated 12 million healthcare providers work in our country. Each has thousands of daily interactions with patients.  My memoir, Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins? sheds light on an often overlooked issue: the role empathy plays in patient care.


Outstanding job… an awe-inspiring set of messages with grace, poise and humor!” Catherine Kapferer Director of Sales Training & Development, ConvaTec

“This should be mandatory for all employees in healthcare from environmental to RNs, Administration and CEO” * From Presence Our Lady of the Resurrection (Chicago) CME Program Evaluation

“ You are a treasure!” – Susan Kovarik, RN, BSN, CCRN, CVRN

“The audience loved her and I believe her message will truly impact the work they do every day.” -Laura Concannon MD, FACP



  • Establishing patient-family advisory boards
  • Improving patient survey results
  • Patient harm prevention
  •  Creating protocols for Apology Law implementation

Workshops and Lectures:

  • Beyond the Medical Chart: Exploring the Role that Empathy Plays in Patient Care
  • After the Mistake: Patient Safety Starts When We Stop Hiding Medical Error and Start Examining  It
  • Doctors and Nurses Influence Eternity: A motivational presentation (often used as the key-note address) that celebrates the work medical professionals do each day.
  • Talking to the Patient, Not at the Patient: Building Positive Communication Skills
  • Through the Eyes of a Patient: Honoring the Patient Perspective and Providing Optimal Outcomes
  • Addressing Patient Needs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cover on amazonCourse Adoptions: Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins? can be a meaningful addition to the syllabus of Medical Ethics courses. The book is available in digital and paperback form.

Click below to view sample clips from previous presentations:



Click here and here for more video footage.

To learn more about Patient Perspective Consulting, or receive references, please email Lisa Goodman-Helfand at:



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