Public Speaking

EP Lisa

“… an awe-inspiring set of messages with grace, poise, and humor!”

Presentations can be targeted toward, but not limited to the following audiences:

Health Care Professionals

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“Beyond The Medical Chart: Exploring The Role That Empathy Plays in Patient Care”

Rarely are healthcare professionals given the opportunity to truly ponder a crucial aspect of patient care; the truth behind what it feels like to lie in a hospital bed, vulnerable, disoriented, and stripped of every basic human dignity. I have spent nearly 300 days as a patient in hospitals and more than three decades in and out of doctor’s offices and testing facilities. As a ‘professional patient’, I offer a unique glimpse into the patient experience. My presentations are honest, thought-provoking and surprisingly funny. My interactive style includes opportunities for audience participation, role play, simulations and laughter. This is a powerful departure from traditional healthcare lectures.


“This should be mandatory for all employees in healthcare from environmental to RNs, Administration and CEO” *

Best presenter yet, very funny and applicable. Healthcare needs presentations like this” *

*Quotes taken directly from Presence Our Lady of the Resurrection CME Program Evaluation

“Your presentation was balanced, informative, and inspiring…… You are a treasure!” – Susan Kovarik, RN, BSN, CCRN, CVRN

“The audience loved her….her message will truly impact the work they do every day.”-Laura Concannon MD, FACP

” An amazing presenter……. absolutely the best message that we could have had for our sales team.  Thank you so much for inspiring all of us to remember the patient behind the sale.”- Doug Bohrer, Vice President, ConvaTec

Outstanding job… an awe-inspiring set of messages with grace, poise and humor!” Catherine Kapferer Director of Sales Training & Development, ConvaTec

Inspirational Speaking

“Hope and Humor Saved My Life”

Everyone faces obstacles in life. Some of the hurdles I’ve personally faced include: living with a chronic disease for 30 years, nearly dying at the age of 31 and undergoing intensive physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy to regain the ability to walk, eat, speak and breathe again. I share my story with honesty and humor. My message is simple; we all need to take a dip in the pity pool once in a while, but we don’t want to spend our lives training for a misery marathon.CCHC

“As she spoke, all 1300 people sat riveted on the edge of their seats. …. She is a wonderful teacher and source of hope.”-Rabbi Evan Moffic

 Lisa brings life and color to her story, and inspires others to take action. From laughter to tears to laughter, she left our audience of 400 plus business leaders, celebrities and philanthropists all motivated …”  Amy Hewitt- Executive Director of the Scleroderma Research Foundation


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Students, Parents, and Teachers

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“ The teachers and students were asking her to return before she even left the room…. If you are looking for a personal and meaningful approach to teaching kindness, Lisa is definitely the place to start.” –Erin Kranz, Teacher at Glen Grove Elementary School, Glenview, IL.

Past Speaking Engagements

September 2013: “Exploring the Role That Empathy Plays in Patient Care” – Grand Rounds, Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston, Illinois

December 2013: “Giving Credence to the Patient Perspective” – Grand Rounds, Our Lady of the Resurrection, Chicago, Illinois

March 2015: “After the Mistake: Patient Safety Starts When We Stop Hiding Medical Error and Start Examining  It” Connecticut Hospital Association’s Patient Safety Summit, Wallingford, Connecticut

April 2015: “Thriving With Scleroderma”– Scleroderma Foundation Patient Education Day, Naperville, Illinois

October 2015: Patient Representative/Speaker for Scleroderma Advocacy Day, Washington, D.C,

October 2015: “Does This Hospital Gown Come With Sequins?” –CORBETT Healthcare Communication Company – Chicago, Illinois Live interactive video stream with their New York and San Francisco offices

October 2015: Speaker/Award Recipient of Convatec’s “Great Comebacks” Award: Spoke to several hundred wound care specialists La Crosse, Wisconsin

November 2015: Through the Eyes of a Patient: Honoring the Patient Perspective and Providing Optimal Outcomes” Nursing Learning Series, DePaul School of Nursing, Chicago, Illinois

June 2016: Not Just Surviving, but Thriving With Scleroderma – Introduction by Bob Saget, Scleroderma Research Foundation  Benefit, San Francisco, California

November 2016: Navigating the Healthcare System – A Patient’s Perspective- Patient-to-Patient Symposium, Los Angeles, California 

December 2016: Embracing Differences and Choosing Kindness,  Glen Grove Elementary School, Glenview, IL.

January 30, 2017: Beyond the Sales Pitch: Enhancing Sales with Patient Stories Keynote speaker for ConvaTec’s National Sales Force Convention, Orlando, Florida

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