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July 4th, Highland Park, IL.

“Mommy, I can’t sleep.”  How many times did my daughter quietly awaken me as a young child with those four words? Her tiny voice punctured the fog of slumber as my mind would straddle dueling thoughts; I’m going to be so exhausted at work tomorrow…. At least I get to catch up on snuggles with Emi..  We would  stumble down the hall to her room, climb into her bed, and I’d drape my arms around her sweet little body while stroking her halo of curls. I always  marveled at how… Read more July 4th, Highland Park, IL.

Why the Last Six Weeks Before My Oldest Goes to College Feels Oddly Familiar

“When will I have fun again?” I asked my older sister a few weeks after giving birth to my first child. She was three years into motherhood and pregnant with her second, so I was relying on her sage wisdom. “Eighteen years.” she said without a hint of sarcasm or levity. That did it. The tears  I had been choking down spilled freely like an freshly unclogged faucet. 18 years?  18 years? I am responsible for this human for 18 years? What have I done? I’m never going to have… Read more Why the Last Six Weeks Before My Oldest Goes to College Feels Oddly Familiar

Stumbling Upon Hope

I can’t believe the day has finally arrived. What should I wear? No, I can’t wear that, they saw me in that shirt last month. Where are my  pants with a zipper?  I better leave enough time to do my hair…. Anticipation surges through me every four weeks when I hop in my car and drive to the podiatrist. Having a rare autoimmune disease, I’ve essentially  been under house arrest since last March. My one thrill is venturing out to have calcium deposits scraped off the tips of my toes.… Read more Stumbling Upon Hope