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On December 3, 2015, Cosmo included my selfie in the:

The 15 Most Epic Selfies of 2015

Media Coverage On The “Facebook Doesn’t Like My Face” Going  Viral

When the Facebook Ad Team rejected my ad (twice), stating that my bare face may draw, “high negative feedback,” it sparked a movement that has been supported around the globe.  Read what the world has to say on this:

Television: Clips from television coverage can be found  here on my YouTube channel.

The story was covered by Chicago’s ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. It was picked up by affiliate stations in: Tampa, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Charlotte, Atlanta, New Jersey, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, D.C.,  and Orlando.


People Magazine


Cosmopolitan (follow-up article)


Marie Claire


Good Housekeeping



Chicago Tribune

Make It Better

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail (different article)

Economic World

Huffington Post UK

WGN NEWS Chicago

The Daily News 






In Flex We Trust

Opposing Views

News Tangle

My News Press

One News Page

The Hot Zone

Jist News

Online Viral News

Liberty Unyielding



The Mighty


Big News Network


Wave News

World Net Daily

The Stir

Pioneer Press 

Holistic Integrated Medicine

Big Foot


City Newsline

Hello Giggles


Around the Globe 




Nuage Ciel d’Azu

Metro News



The Social Post



CBS Radio Chicago

Published Articles Written By Lisa Goodman-Helfand

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Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Redbook

I’ve Hidden My True Appearance For 3 Decades

This article was also featured on Elle, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Redbook 

Dr. Oz The Good Life

My Rare Disease Has Caused Me So Much Pain – But It Has Also Given Me Perspective

Being Disfigured By Scleroderma Gave Me the Chance to Love Myself

Good Housekeeping 

I Got a C-Section and Almost Died from an Infection

I Cut My Bi-Polar Father Out of My Life Until I Learned He Was Dying 

Cosmopolitan, Dr. Oz the Good Life, and Good Housekeeping 

I Was Tormented By Hallucinations During a 218-Day Hospital Stay

Huffington Post

Gifts From the Father I Hardly Knew

Take a Tragic Moment, Sprinkle Some Humor, and Shake Vigorously

Why Being an Adolescent Loser Pays Off in Adulthood

A Salute to Eggrolls and Forever Friendships

The Lure of the Lulu: Navigating Brand Name Obsessions

It Was All Greek to Me

When Was the Last Time an Opera Singer Saved a Life?

Can Compassion Trump Cruelty in the 2016 Election?

Now That I’m A Parent I Want To Punch My Former Self In The Face

Why We Must Teach Our Daughters the ‘Sisters Before Misters’ Rule

I Asked For A Massage And Got A Tiny Taste Of Prejudice

My Advice to Parents of Atypical Children

Chicago Parent

Chicago Mom With Autoimmune Disease Challenges Perceptions of Beauty


Here’s Why I Won’t Leave the House Without Makeup

Brain, Child

Nothing Makes Me Feel Better About My Parenting Flaws Then Remembering My Mom’s


To Anyone Who Has Ever Illegally Parked in a Handicap Spot


Why Doctors Must Learn From a Patient’s Perspective

Medical mistakes happen. It’s what doesn’t follow that is unforgivable.

Nurses Save More Lives Than Opera Singers

What You Say Matters

You and Me

The Gift of Stubbornness

Scary (Club Mid) Mommy

How Disney World Perfectly Mirrors The Joys And Horrors Of Parenting 

The Mighty

What I Would Change About the Way My mom Treated My Disease

I’m Revealing What I Look Like Without the Benefits of Clothing

8 Ways to Ask (and Not to Ask) Why I Look Different


My Rare & Disfiguring DiseaseLeaves Me Wondering if Miracles Exist

Autoimmune Mom

One Lucky Autoimmune Mom: Strength, Courage, and Laughter

Scleroderma Foundation

Lisa’s Inspirational Journey

Cover on amazon Click here to learn more about my recently released memoir.

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