One Lucky Autoimmune Mom


Please take a moment to read my article  featured on Autoimmune Mom. This piece explores the role that scleroderma plays in my parenting and how the disease impacts my kids.

“Sometimes I worry that my disease will taint their childhoods. Then I think of what my scleroderma can teach them.”

kids 2


  1. Super article. As one who also lives with pain, though for a much different reason, I can relate to not being able to do all the things that I used to be able to do. No more sports or long walks. Even shopping trips need places for me to sit down and rest. The one thing that I have left is my art and even that is in danger because it is had to draw without using your thumb.
    But you know what, I just keep going just like you. You are a model to anyone who feels they need a pity party. They are no fun because there are no guests and no one to complain to, so why bother!
    Keep up the wonderful writing. It makes me smile and sometimes even laugh. It is true to life for anyone with a problem. Love you Lisa.


  2. Beautifully written and completely on point. Thank you for composing all of my feelings and thoughts in evetyway. Very inspirational. thanks again


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