My Shameless Request For Help Getting My Articles Shared

I wrote a piece about my dad that I planned to post on my blog for Father’s Day. On a whim, I submitted it to the Huffington Post and it got picked up yesterday (GULP!). Today, Huffington Post published the companion piece to my Father’s Day article:

Take a Tragic Moment, Sprinkle Some Humor, and Shake Vigorously

My primary goal for writing is to raise awareness for scleroderma and reach the broadest possible audience. Please consider clicking the link below and sharing, liking, and commenting on it on social media. Right now, these articles are buried deep within  Huffington Post (seriously, I can’t even find it without the link or searching my name). The more comments and shares the pieces gets, the more visibility they will receive, which will help shine a brighter light on scleroderma.

Gifts From the Father I Hardly Knew

BTW- here are the pics I was planning to use for this article.

Dad and Heidi
My dad with my sister.
mom and dad
One of the few pictures of my parents together.



  • I don’t want to embarrass myself by shamelessly begging for you to share this, but I’m afraid that train left the station when I titled this blog post.
  • My next episode of Scleroderma: The Mini-Series is coming soon. I wanted to have it up by now, but what with meeting Queen Latifah and getting an article on the Huffington PostI haven’t had a chance. Life is rough I tell ya. Who has a violin they can play for me?





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