Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Woman’s Day……..Oh My!

Hello loyal readers!

Today an article I wrote about how scleroderma impacts my body image was published on  Cosmopolitan Redbook and Woman’s Day.  Although my whole Facebook Fiasco  story was featured in these magazines and many more, this is the first time an article I authored has been accepted. This marks a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness about scleroderma to a broader audience.  RedbookI have only reached this point because my faithful readership has so generously shared my articles on social media. I’m once again asking that you help me spread the word about scleroderma.  If you know someone who has been touched by scleroderma (duh- you’re on my blog, so I’m guessing that’s the case), please consider sharing these articles.  A simple thank you does not seem to express my deep gratitude for the support you have all provided me. woman's day

With Heartfelt Thanks,


cosmo clip 3

10/30/15 update: The article just got picked up by Good Housekeeping! Yipee! Thanks for all the shares on social media. Please continue to help spread the word about scleroderma.




  1. another amazing accomplishment….they just keep piling up. you are amazing. So proud. Can’t wait for you to tell us all about it at our next meeting…


  2. Lisa, I follow your blog because of my incredible sister in law, Franny Kaplan. Congratulations on this article and on being such an inspiration and comfort to so many people.
    Patty Chapman


  3. My twin sister Mary Elenz introduced you to me at the walk … are an inspiration to me every day and I love reading alllll your posts and blogs. You are to be congratulated for being such a warrior in life and for all you do for the Scleraderma patients and their families. Like I said…YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!


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