The Good Times Keep Rolling With My Psychotic Break From Reality

Hello loyal readers. My latest piece, I Was Tormented By Hallucinations During a 218-Day Hospital Stay is up on Good Housekeeping. I am not at all trying to make light of  a very serious article with my snarky title for this post.  As I mention in my last post – My Life Doesn’t Suck…Seriously, I just think my latest string of published articles make it seem like my life has been one long chain of tragic moments, which it absolutely has not.

For shiggles, let’s pretend I’m meeting someone for the first time and I introduce myself using the titles (again I don’t choose these titles) from my latest articles. This fun intro might go something like this:

“Hi, I’m Lisa and I cut my bi-polar father out of my life until he was dying, had a c-section that almost killed me, , have gained perspective from my rare disease,  hid my true appearance for 3 decades, and was tormented by hallucinations during a 218-day hospital stay.……. I’m super fun at parties…wanna hang out?” ….. and scene.


  • There is nothing funny about Psychosis, or any other type of mental or physical illness. I, of all people, know that. Yet, I am where I am  because humor plays a very healing role in my life. So back off man, this is my blog and my life! Without humor, and a whole lot of love and support these two pictures would never have been possible:
  • my daughter and me in '15
    My daughter and me in 2015 at the Scleroderma Walk.

    Lisa feeding daughter in '06
    Feeding my daughter in late 2006.





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