Dr. Oz, Rare Disease Day, and Scleroderma

Today is February 29th- a day that only comes once every 4 years. It is also Rare Disease Day, which began in Europe in 2008 and takes place every year on the last day of February.  Today, an article I wrote about scleroderma is being featured on Dr. Oz The Good Life. Since the inception of Comfortable in My Thick Skin, my readers have been unbelievably generous in helping me spread awareness about my rare disease. If you have a moment, please read and share my article (you can get to it by clicking the link in red) DIRECTLY FROM THE DR. OZ SITE.  As always, your support is tremendously appreciated

Many Thanks!


Dr. Oz



  1. Hi Lisa, as is usually the case, either your humorous writing has me rolling on the floor laughing, or your wonderful insights leave me in a better place for having read them. You have a genuine gift, thanks for sharing it so generously. Colleen


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