Good News and Bad News: Why I Haven’t Posted on My Blog In a While

good-news-bad-news-300x166Hello Loyal Readers-

The bad news is, I haven’t posted an original article on my blog since I Heart My Grouchy Valentine -Take 2. I have so many blog ideas swirling around in my head that I really want to write, but haven’t had the time. Which brings me to the good news- this week, I had 3 articles published on sites other than my blog.  I want to share these with my readers, but am not allowed to place the articles on my personal blog. I am however, allowed to give you a brief synopsis and the links, so here they are:

Medical Mistakes Happen. It’s what doesn’t follow that is unforgivable.

This article just went up on KEVIN MD and explores the importance of apologies by medical professionals. I also address the need to cultivate an environment where medical error is not covered up, but instead, used to prevent future patient harm.

I Got a C-Section and Almost Died From an Infection

This article went up on Good House Keeping and  Redbook . I think the title pretty much tells you what this article is about.

I also had an article published on Dr. Oz The Good Life earlier this week, which I already posted about.

As always, I truly appreciate the social media support, encouragement, and positive responses I’ve received from so many of you.


I’m sorry if my social media posts and blogs are getting super annoying! Please don’t delete me from your feed!


  1. Lisa,
    Each time I read one of your posts I feel inspired. It reminds me to focus on the important things and not dwell on things we can’t change…and definitely having a sense of humor helps. You are an amazing woman!


  2. Go Lisa go!! I have been keeping up on reading you all over the interweb this week. Your energy and dedication in getting your message out is impressive. You have an important point of view to share – keep going girl!! Cheering you on and sending love from NJ. Xoxoxo


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