Valentine’s Day Has Been Hijacked by the Grouch!

Readers: This blog was guest written by the one and only, Grouchy Dave Helfand

Lisa, my editor (and wife) came into our room last night and informed me that this was the first year since she started her blog that she hadn’t written a piece for Valentine’s Day. She asked if I would write one instead.  Since the Winter Olympics is on (I’m not a big fan) and there’s no Bulls Basketball on tonight, I figured I would have plenty of time to write a blog. My editor also informed me that she wanted 700 words about true love.

First I thought I’d write a limerick, but Lisa felt that might not be blog-worthy. Then I thought of writing something funny,  like my last blog about the circus. But let’s face it, there’s no way I can top that- nothing tops a circus! So, I figured I would get introspective on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

I was watching Almost Famous over the weekend. Lisa tells me not everyone has seen this movie that came out in 2000. It’s about an aspiring young writer following a band around the country. His piece ultimately gets published in Rolling Stone Magazine. In one scene, the leader of the band storms out and roams around Topeka, Kansas. He claims he’s looking for something ‘real’. One may ask how does that scene relate to Valentine’s Day?

We spend much of our time running around and moving fast. Careers, carpools, kids, and other obligations eat up most of our waking hours. Then, on February 14, we’re expected to drop everything, think about our Valentine, and shower our love (editor) with gifts and attention. Maybe we are doing this all wrong. Maybe we should be looking at this the other way around. The other 364 days we should shower our love with attention and then just spend one day running around.

In 2006, Lisa endured 218 days in the hospital after giving birth to our daughter. There were times when I did not know if my Valentine would be around come 2007. What would I do? Who would I give all my attention to? I almost lost the most important person in my life.

Thankfully, doctors, nurses, friends, family, and god saved her life. Here we are, in 2018, spending another Valentine’s Day together. Lisa did not want to exchange gifts. She claims I’m impossible to shop for. That’s okay, every day she’s around with her refreshing personality is a gift for me.

In today’s world, it can be hard to find something ‘real’. Maybe it’s always been that way. Almost Famous takes place in the 1970s  and I don’t think Russel  and the other members of his fictional band Stillwater ever find something ‘real.’

Since we met in 1993, my love for Lisa has been real. While this blog does not have my usual grouchiness or humor, I think we need to take a step back and remember what and who is important in this world. We’ve got to tune out the noise and use our time living in the real world with the real people we love and care about.

Happy Valentines Day Lisa!


The Grouch


Disclaimers from Dave’s Editor

  • This is TOTALLY out of character for my beloved Grouchy Dave. If  you don’t believe me, please read my previous Valentine blogs: I Heart My Grouchy Valentine, I Heart My Grouchy Valentine- Take-2. and Tooting Your Way to a Happy Valentine’s Day and Marriage
  • It’s amazing how someone can surprise you after 18 years of marriage. Maybe that’s what ‘real’ love is all about.
  • Speaking of surprises, those who know Dave and me may think I added the word ‘god’ when Dave listed all those who contributed to saving my life. Nope, he actually wrote that himself! When I questioned him about it (first time I’m hearing about this belief) he shrugged and said, “I dunno, there were an awful lot of coincidences……”



  1. Love, Love, Love… I’m so grateful to have found my true love and enjoyed 37 plus years so far. We don’t do February 14th… as Valentine’s Day because everyday is a celebration of our love and respect for each other.
    Love, hugs and smiles,


  2. I am an ardent hater of Valentine’s Day but I love this blog today! Thank you grouch and his lovely wife for putting it all into perspective.


  3. Lisa, this blog post doesn’t surprise me at all! I don’t know your husband, and I don’t know you very well (yet!) but you are such a joy to be around! Happy Valentime’s (that’s how Leah says it, and it’s too cute to correct!) Day!


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